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Psychotherapy for expats

psykoterapeut Anja de Thurah

Looking for your future psychotherapist?

Experienced emotion focused psychotherapist in Nyborg and in Kastrup

Embark on a new chapter of your journey towards mental well-being with me as your experienced psychotherapist in Denmark! As a specialist in supporting international clients, I’ve assisted numerous expats in overcoming the challenges of finding an English-speaking therapist, especially when it comes to children/Teens and families.

What I offer as a psychotherapist working with expats:

As your dedicated therapist, my goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where you, your children, and your family can freely express yourselves in both English and Danish. I aim to ease your transition to a new country and minimize the loneliness that sometimes accompanies it. Let me be your guide on this therapeutic journey, where together, we can create positive changes and strengthen your mental health.

What sets me apart:

I understand the unique challenges that come with being an expat, and I’m here to support you. As a emotion focused therapist, I am deeply committed to understanding and connecting with you and your children, regardless of the language you choose to use. It’s important to me that you feel understood and supported on your journey.

Strength through support:

Seeking help is a sign of strength, and you’ve already taken the first step toward better mental health. Let’s explore together how therapy can help you overcome loneliness, navigate transitional periods, and achieve increased well-being.


I look forward to being your partner on the path to a healthier and happier life here in Denmark. If you are looking for a couples therapist, you are welcome to council me to. You can find me in both Nyborg and Kastrup.